Quisiéramos llamar la atención en nuestro blog sobre los límites a aplicarse a las deducciones por patrocinio, dado que los últimos cambios normativos están suscitando dudas en nuestros clientes.

A este respecto, queremos advertir, que a partir del 1 de enero de 2015, este tipo de deducciones sigue sin estar sujeto a los límites del 25% de la cuota líquida, pero sí está sujeto a la aplicación del suelo tributario (art. 51 LFIS).Related: caleb and megan unmatchables update, roselawn funeral home decatur, al obituaries, south florida football trophy named after a coach, candidates for adams county sheriff 2022, pedestrian hit by car today near me, dealer finance reserve calculator, are camellias poisonous to rabbits, jj zachariason dynasty rankings, chena river cabin, bulbine leaves turning brown, mark lerner net worth, ben roethlisberger son cancer, covenant transport load board, find the missing words and complete the sentences, how much does it cost to reverse an adoption,Related: thomasville fabric swivel chair blue, how to get a refund from travelocity, news euharlee ga, lexi from cheer drugs, where is trent mays now 2020, german custard kuchen recipe, oldham county busted 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